Web accessibility policy

  • Update day:
    March 30, 2018

On Shibuya-ku, Tokyo homepage (the following, this site) "JIS X 8341-3 aim for thing corresponding to Web contents, and, as for 2016 elderly people, people with a disability, apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3" work on security and improvement of accessibility.

In this page, we list about Web accessibility policy in Shibuya City homepage.

Target range

The Shibuya City homepage (https://www.city.shibuya.tokyo.jp/) whole. But page of few directory subordinates is excluded under CMS management.
In addition, about PDF file which has been released, we do not include in correspondence range anymore, but perform making or correspondence such as putting HTML pages together, and preparing that considered Web accessibility about PDF file to make in future as far as it is possible.

Conformity level to aim for and correspondence degree

It is conformity in 2016 conformity level AA JIS X 8341-3.

Note: Notation called "conformity" in this Web accessibility policy "is 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee – It depends on notation set in March, 2016 in version.

Reference site

JIS X 8341-3 of Web contents 2016 correspondence degree notation guidelines (Web accessibility base Committee):

Technique to depend

  • HTML5

  • CSS 2.1/CSS3

  • JavaScript

Web accessibility guidelines

Web accessibility guidelines explained JIS X 8341-3 in detail about point that they should consider when they made web page in Shibuya City based on 2016.

Time limit to achieve aim

March 31, 2018

Public announcement of test result

JIS X 8341-3 publishes test result based on 2016 below.