Shibuya security, reliable email

"Shibuya security, reliable email" is service to deliver information about crime and security, relief that occurred in ward and disaster information inside and outside the ward and various disaster prevention information to cell-phone, smartphone or PC by email. We can set information that you wish to deliver, time to receive optionally.

Type of delivery

Security email

[inquiry] Safety measures section safety measures chief examiner (Phone: 03-3463-1598)

Crime prevention

  • We deliver security information and information about crime that occurred in ward.
  • Of security email "email respect butterfly" which the Metropolitan Police Department delivers deliver information in Shibuya City.

Disaster prevention email

[inquiry] Person in charge of Disaster Prevention Section anti-disaster measures promotion (Phone: 03-3463-4475)

Disaster prevention administration information

  • We deliver Shibuya City disaster prevention administration information.

Seismic intensity information

  • We deliver seismic intensity information in Shibuya City which the Meteorological Agency announces. "Seismic intensity information" (all) can choose delivery among "seismic intensity information" (more than a seismic intensity of 3).

(note) when earthquake that is higher than intensity 5 lower occurs in ward, deliver seismic intensity information regardless of reception time when set.

Weather information in ward

  • We deliver weather warning, warning in Shibuya City which the Meteorological Agency announces, special warning. We can choose delivery among "weather information" (more than warning) "weather information" (more than warning).

Record short time heavy rain information

  • We deliver heavy rain information for record short time that the Meteorological Agency announces in Tokyo.

Landslide alert information

  • We deliver landslide alert information that the Meteorological Agency announces in Tokyo.

Tsunami information

  • The Meteorological Agency delivers tsunami information to announce to Tokyo Bay bay. We can choose "tsunami advisory" "tsunami warning" "major tsunami warning".

Missing elderly people e-mail information                                  

[inquiry] Welfare for the elderly section elderly person Counselling and Support Section (Phone: 03-3463-1989)

Information (including dementia measure information) such as missing elderly people

  • When there being of prior, registering is missing by dementia, we deliver information. (please refer to Community Comprehensive Support Center of charge for those who wish to register in advance.) 

(note) information email will not deliver information such as full name, photograph of the face to missing elderly people. Person that more detailed information distribution is hoped for would like welcome back supporter registration.

Registration method

New registration

Please send email (you do not need input of title and the text) of the sky to next registration site or "". You are connected to URL informed of by reply email, and please register information that you wish to deliver.

Image of Shibuya security, reliable email registration QR code
Please set prevention of junk email person setting to admit reception from domain or the following addresses.

  • When we appoint domain and receive: ""
  • When we address and receive: ""
    (as you are different from Mail address of mail sending ahead at the time of registration of the sky, please be careful.)

Change of registrant information, cancellation of registration

Please keep URL of my page transmitted at the time of completion of this registration. Registrant is available for change of registration information, cancellation of registration optionally from my page.

When we cannot be connected to URL

By cell-phone, PC, we may not be connected to URL. In this case as you register on ward side, sorry for your inconvenience, but you confirm Terms of Use, and please send email after agreement as follows.

  1.  Please input title of email with "request for Shibuya security, reliable email registration".
  2.  Please input Mail address which wish to enroll in the text.
  3.  Please input delivery information to hope for into the text successively.

[delivery information] "Crime prevention" "disaster prevention administration information" "seismic intensity information" (all) "seismic intensity information" (more than a seismic intensity of 3) "weather information" (more than warning) "weather information" (more than warning) "record short time heavy rain information" "tsunami advisory" "tsunami warning" "major tsunami warning" "information (including dementia measure information) such as missing elderly people"

  1. You set transmission address "", and please send email.
(note) when is applied for the above, register as thing agreeing to Terms of Use.
(note) when confirmation email of registration does not arrive after the mail sending even if pass for two or three days (except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays), I am sorry to trouble you, but please connect with Disaster Prevention Section (Phone: 03-3463-4475).


[when we do not know registration method, operation method]

Call center (Phone: 0570-055-783) [reception hours: on weekdays for from 9:00 to 18:00] (operator: visor)


  • The outside entrusts "Shibuya security, reliable email" with mail delivery duties, and page of registration, delivery stop uses server of contractor.
  • By the use environment of cell-phone, PC, we may not receive email.
  • We may not register from some cell-phones, smartphones to use coding communication (SSL) when we register from cell-phone.
  • The information fee for email is free, but cell-phone, smartphone, communication fee of PC are paid privately.
  • About Mail address that Mail address which was not used and transmission errors continue, we stop delivery automatically.
  • About "Shibuya security, reliable email", please refrain from inquiry to the Meteorological Agency, police station, fire department.