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Form for exclusive use of letter to the head of a ward

[inquiry] Public information Communications Section Chief of Complaint & Advisory Services (Phone: 03-3463-1290)


  1. As for the correspondence result wanting answer, Address, please fill in the name by all means.
  2. As a general rule, we do answer in Mail.
    When you hope for answer by email, Address fills out contents column with "email answer hope" other than the name, and please fill in Mail address column with Mail address. About Mail address, Telephone number, we may use for communication from ward.
    In addition, it becomes answer in Mail when contents are concerned with personal information.
  3. We do not use the original which we filled in and information such as Address, the name, Telephone number, Mail address other than the use about letter to the head of a ward.
  4. For analyses such as opinions, please cooperate with age group, entry of sex.
  5. Please do not use platform dependent characters such as numbers with half size katakana and circle to prevent transmission error.

Form for exclusive use of letter to the head of a ward

It is answer-free

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