Shibuya City environment basic plan 2018

I move. Shibuya changes.

Action turns society, social change of consciousness and action
The making of sustainable structure producing further change

What is environment basic plan 2018?

For Shibuya City environment basic plan to realize image from environment side in the future of ward to show in "the Shibuya City basics plan"; it plans to be basics most, and carry role of following three.


We show common recognition about desirable Shibuya City


We systematize environmental policy of ward and show directionality and the promotion system to promote generally


It becomes guideline to promote participation and action of inhabitants of a ward and company

"Living", "energy, warming measures" push forward measure on pillar "resources, garbage" "green, creature" in the field of of five of "consciousness" to realize the making of sustainable structure.

Plan period
Ten years from 2018 to 2027

Shibuya City environment basic plan movie

Japanese version

English version