Child care convenience book bearing a child and uncrowded town Shibuya which it is easy to bring up and is easy to leave

The Tokyo Fire Department first aid consultation center

24 hours Reception desk

When you were wondering whether to call ambulance, please contact as follows.

Push line #7119 (cell-phone, PHS)
Dial line 03-3212-2323

Night medical treatment

(21:00 from 18:00 of Saturday, Sunday, celebration holiday)

Address 〒150-0031 23-21, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku
Phone number 03-3464-3478
Medical examination subject Internal medicine

Come to medical office directly.

Holiday medical examination

(Sunday, celebration holiday)

Address 〒150-0031 23-21, Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku
Phone number 03-3464-3478
Office hours It is from 13:00, 14:00 to 18:00 from 9:00
Medical examination subject Internal medicine, the pediatrics

Shibuya child casualty

(22:00 from 19:00 of weekdays, Saturday, Sunday, celebration holiday)

Address 〒150-0031 4-1-22, Hiroo, Shibuya-ku
Phone number 03-3400-1311

Emergency homepage of child

Site that provides indication of judgment whether you consult hospital outside the consultation hours such as the night or holiday when JAPAN PEDIATRIC SOCIETY runs.

We see emergency homepage of child

Search of family medicine

We can search from specialities or Address.

Phone number 03-5257-0303

We look at site of "medical institution guidance sunflower"

Fax for exclusive use of hearing person with a disability

Holiday dental practice

(Sunday, celebration holiday)

Address 〒150-0011 3-14-13, Higashi, Shibuya-ku
Higashi Health Plaza the second floor
Phone number 03-5466-2770
Office hours From 9:00 to 17:00

There is turn system medical office elsewhere. For more details, we guide with "medical institution guidance sunflower".

We look at site of "medical institution guidance sunflower"



We have submission, children's allowance of birth registration, childbirth notification, application of the child medical expenses furtherance in necessary procedure after delivery.

The pregnancy, thing that we need if we give birth


We are released in Shibuya City official site. We update information of the space situation every month for the beginning. Please confirm the space situation from following "we see detailed information".

We see detailed information


We settle information for admission in Shibuya City official site. Please apply at the fourth floor of the government building Nursery Division window after having you confirm detailed information because "you see detailed information", and having offered necessary documents.

We see detailed information


I have you fill in report of pregnancy at window and hand maternity record book.
When another person is substitution, and household of resident's card can come to window, proxy is necessary.
In addition, please confirm detailed information as belongings "see detailed information".

We see detailed information


If time when you should be vaccinated gets closer to child with resident registration in Shibuya City in ward, I send vaccination record vote. But it is not sent out about thing that has been over shipment time before it is moved automatically. In this case as I send the deficit based on inoculation career, you offer maternity record books, and please refer for non-inoculation minute in vaccination record vote at telephone or window.

Regional Health Division
Infectious Disease Prevention and Control Section
03-3463-2416 (17:00 from 8:30)

We see detailed information

Shibuya City child, child care support project plan Children First

In Shibuya City,
The cause of way of thinking called "main character (the children first) child,"
Process before pregnancy, the childbirth period reaching for the schoolchild period
By supporting without break,
Each person's child is brought up in good health,
Maintaining environment that can grow up as social member
We devise plan for purpose.