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Child student of Shibuya had contribution of mask


 Ahead of school resumption, there was contribution of mask from TRANSACTION Co., Ltd. of company in ward to all Shibuya City elementary and junior high school child students. 221,000 pieces of masks in total were put in Board of Education on May 21, and by 25 pieces were distributed to all elementary and junior high schools per person.
 In addition, we presented letter of thanks to all of TRANSACTION Co., Ltd. from the head of a ward, the superintendent of education on May 26. From the superintendent of education, "on the other hand, it is necessary that infection preventive approach to new coronavirus follows and performs well of resumption of long-awaited school. Mask which had you donate this time greatly contributes to the infection prevention of children of Shibuya. We took loving thought to your children well and told and told about words of thanks saying we will utilize to the maximum.

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