We carry out staff of appointment (education counselor) adoption selection in the fiscal year

[inquiry] Shibuya City Education Center (Phone: 03-3423-8890)

Eligibility requirements for an examination

Person who has qualification of (3) in people corresponding to following (1) or (2)
(1) Person who has expertise about education consultation and ability having experience that is considerable as the education staff in people who usually have certificate of the education staff
(2) Expertise that is considerable about education consultation in people except person advocating in last issue and person having ability
(3) Person having qualification of psychology clinical psychologist or authorized psychology person's post

Adoption type of job, adoption planned number


Job specifications 

We receive instructions of Education Center director and perform administration of adaptation (consultation) instruction classroom and duties to raise next about child, student.
(1) Thing about intelligence, consultation of studies
(2) Thing about course, consultation of aptitude
(3) Thing about character, consultation of action
(4) Thing about body, consultation of nerve
(5) Thing about learning, instruction of life
(6) Thing about consultation, instruction that Shibuya City Board of Education admits that they are necessary other than each front issue

Application method

Please mail predetermined application (EXCEL 25KB) to 〒 150-0001 3-12-8, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku Shibuya City Board of Education Secretariat Shibuya City Education Center by August 7, 2020 (effective postmark).

Offer guidance, application

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