Hachi-ko bus

In Shibuya City, it is got close to everybody as means to move public facilities casually and operates loved community bus "Hachi-ko bus". As foot of everybody, please use casually. [inquiry about community bus transit] Department of engineering works Management Division transport policy chief examiner (Phone: 03-3463-1854)

Update day:
May 1, 2020


Course figure, timetable

Ebisu, Daikanyama circulation
Yuyake Koyake route
We circulate through Shibuya, Ebisu, Daikanyama from ward office.
It is route across hill
(Uehara, Tomigaya route)
It links Yoyogi-Uehara Station to Shibuya Sta. and goes by way of ward facilities such as Museum.
Honmachi, Sasazuka circulation
Spring Creek route
We go by way of Tomigaya, Hatsudai, Honmachi, Sasazuka from ward office. Of continuation that step over Shibuya City Office bus stop cannot use.
Forest (forest) route of major shrine
(Jingumae, Sendagaya route)
We go by way of Harajuku, Omotesando, Sendagaya, Yoyogi based on Shibuya Sta.

Fare, coupon

Fare (one time of ride)
Fare (one time of ride)
Adult, the child same amount
100 yen
Common coupon (for 21 times)
Common coupon (for 21 times)
We are selling in the inside of car, office
2,000 yen
  • (note) exclusive coupon, IC card ticket (Suica, PASMO) is available cash.
  • (note) there is not senior pass, person with a disability discount system.

The use, guidebook of Hachi-ko bus

100 yen of 1 ride "one coin"
Small non-step bus which is kind to all the people getting on

Shibuya City community bus "Hachi-ko bus" is public transport to be able to use by various uses including foot and sightseeing and shopping of local people.
Let alone inhabitant of a ward, anyone including neighborhood inhabitant of a ward and domestic and foreign tourists is available.


  • Please note that delay may occur for service by traffic conditions.
  • At bus stop, please cooperate with non-smoking.
  • For prevention of danger from any place other than the bus stop please note that cannot take.
  • As you cannot use large denomination bill (2,000 yen bill, 5,000 yen bill, 10,000 yen bill), please offer small change.
  • The getting on and off of wheelchair takes time to some extent. I would like understanding and cooperation.
  • Please cooperate with customer with elderly person, obstacle, pregnant customer, customer with small child to hand over seat.
  • Pet cannot take. (but, as for the assistance dog, possible)
  • We ask you that stroller folds in principle and takes. But the inside of car is not crowded, and, in the case of the situation that is not foldable, write stopper of stroller, and being how including case that child has lain when there is not or of influence would appreciate your controlling stroller to other customers well (you may have you fold after taking, and sitting down).
  • Please refrain from use of cell-phone in the car.

Contact information

About thing left behind, the service situation, bus stop information, please refer to each motor carrier.

Tokyu bus

Ebisu, Daikanyama circulation Yuyake Koyake route

[telephone] 03-3413-7711 (Awashima Office)

Tokyu bus official site

Keio bus

It is route (Uehara, Tomigaya route)/across hill
Honmachi, Sasazuka circulation Spring Creek route

[telephone] 03-3382-1511 (Nakano Office)

Keio bus official site

Wisteria express

Forest (forest) route (Jingumae, Sendagaya route) of major shrine

[telephone] 03-3455-2213

Wisteria express
Official site is this place