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Corporation number public announcement site

Corporation number is notified of fuban with 13 digits of numbers of the done one and only from National Tax Agency for group where 1 will have payment by self-assessment duty of corporation tax, consumption tax or withholding taxes duty of income tax to modify salaries local public entity, 3 engine of country, 2 in corporations which there is not of corporation except these or personality other than establishment registration corporation by document. In addition, it is not cost fuban by branch or office because it is played fuban only as for 1 number as for corporation number for 1 corporation. In addition, toward the sole proprietor, as for corporation number, it is not done fuban.
3 basic information (the location of business name or name, main store or main office, corporation number) of group which received designation of corporation number is going to be published through the Internet, but, about corporations without personality, Secretary of National Tax Agency is going to be announced only when it is obtained the representative or manager's consent.
As corporation number does not have limitation of the use range unlike personal number, regardless of public and private sectors, anyone is available freely. About the use of corporation number in the administrative field, it is decided to perform in the procedure for field of tax after January, 2016.

Designation of corporation number

One corporation number (13 digits) is appointed than Secretary of National Tax Agency in 1 corporation from October, 2015.
Designation of corporation number is notified of with Mail of corporation number-designated notification.
And corporation which there is not of the establishment registration is foreign country corporation in report, notification form submitted to National Taxation Office about corporations which there is not of personality to the location of mention, and corporation number-designated notification is sent to the location of office in the country or main office of Japan listed in report, notification form which is submitted to National Taxation Office when we have office or office or the location of tax payment administrator to the location of main store in commercial registration or main office about establishment registration corporation.

Image (PDF 564KB) of corporation number-designated notification (National Tax Agency homepage)

The use of corporation number

As limitation of the use range does not have corporation number unlike personal number, anyone can use freely.

For more details, please see homepage of the following National Tax Agency.

About corporation number (introduction corner) (National Tax Agency homepage)

Shibuya City corporation number

Corporation number 9000020131130
Business name, name Shibuya City
The location 1-1, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
The corporation number-designated date October 5, 2015