List of procedures to be able to perform in Mail

  • Update day:
    May 29, 2020

We reduce ward office, duties of branch office for infectious disease extended prevention of new coronavirus and cope, but window is crowded very much and may keep waiting by Reception desk for a long time. Please refrain from visits to an office other than the business of dispatch as much as possible to let emergency converge early. As you settled procedure to be possible even if we do not come to window, please use application in Mail. We move to page concerned when we click.

Special Supplementary Income Payment

Payment application by Mail

My number

Application of my number card

Resident's card, family register relations

Grant of certificate

(note) cannot request seal certificate in Mail

Transference (when we move outside Shibuya City) 

Tax practice relations

National Health Insurance

Child care 

Medium and small-sized business support

Procedure by LINE

(note) as there is business called off for prevention of infection spread of new coronavirus now, please be careful.

Electronic application

Please use application and electronic application system (e-Tokyo Tokyo local e-government joint administration service) which you can report by the Internet.