The mobile banking credit card settlement (mobile cash register)

  • Update day:
    July 8, 2020

[inquiry] Taxation Division Tax Affairs Section (Phone: 03-3463-4009, FAX: 03-5458-4913)
[inquiry] National Health Insurance Division Collection Section (Phone: 03-3463-1784, FAX: 03-5458-4940)
[inquiry] National Health Insurance Division Senior Citizens’ Medical Benefits Section (Phone: 03-3463-1897, FAX: 03-5458-4940)
[inquiry] Nursing Care Insurance Section Premium Collection Section (Phone: 03-3463-2013, FAX: 03-5458-4934)

Using payment notice, it is method to put via application called mobile cash register. We can easily pay in home and whereabouts even if we do not go to financial institution and convenience store just to operate smartphone.

(note) "mobile cash register" is service that NTT DATA Corporation provides. For more information about mobile cash register, please see mobile cash register homepage (site of NTT DATA Corporation).


  • Special ward tax, Metropolitan inhabitant tax (the normal collection)
  • Light vehicle tax (classification percent)
  • National Health Insurance charges
  • Medical system for elder senior citizens premium
  • Care premium


  1. We download application (exclusive software) only in the first time. (application is free, but takes packet communication fee.)
    Application download page is the following page
  2. We read bar code printed out by payment notice at mobile cash register (application) of smartphone.
  3. We confirm paid contents, amount of money.
  4. We settle an account by mobile banking or credit card.

Attention on using

  • Payment needs, smartphone.
  • Payment fee is free.
    (note), in the case of credit card, the settlement fee is necessary.
    (note) when return occurs, the settlement fee is not refunded. 
Table of credit card settlement
Payment amount of money The settlement fee (tax-included)
1 yen - 5,000 yen 27 yen
5,001 yen - 10.000 yen 82 yen
10,001 yen - 20.000 yen 165 yen
20,001 yen - 30,000 yen 275 yen
30,001 yen - 40,000 yen 385 yen
40,001 yen - 50,000 yen 495 yen

After (note), the settlement fee is added to by 110 yen every 10,000 yen equally.

  • Application to financial institution is necessary to use mobile banking. In addition, please confirm on mobile cash register homepage (the outside site of NTT DATA Corporation) about available financial institution.
  • Payment amount of money per one piece cannot use payment notice without bar code printing more than 300,000 yen. Payment is only once.
  • Payment notice without bar code cannot use mobile cash register. In addition, we handle payment notice which bar code cannot read by wound or dirt and cannot do it.
  • Receipt is not issued. Please be careful about double payment. Please pay person needing receipt at window of financial institution and convenience store without using mobile cash register. In addition, when you pay using the tax payment notification of light vehicle tax (classification percent) at windows such as financial institution, convenience store, you can use receipt paper as the tax payment certificate (for examination of continuation), but please be careful as receipt paper is not issued when we pay at mobile cash register as grant application (free) is necessary when the tax payment certificate (for examination of continuation) is necessary.