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    April 1, 2020

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About Shibuya City Facebook (Facebook)

Logo on Facebook

It is communication site in the Internet that user puts Image and Video together as for Facebook (Facebook) and can post article on. It is free service to be usable by registering the name (real name) and password, Mail address.


In Shibuya City from May 15, 2018 by Facebook (Facebook) disseminate information.
In addition, at Shinbashi, Shibuya-ku branch office, we disseminate information of area by Facebook (Facebook) from October 7, 2019. 

  • (note) there are disseminating information from Shibuya City and thing misunderstanding, but please be careful as anything has nothing to do with Shibuya City other than the above.

Main contents to send

  1. Information such as offer, announcement of event that ward participates in
  2. Information about life of the administration of a ward and inhabitant of a ward
  3. Information about desk work, business of ward
  4. In addition, information considered to be necessary for inhabitant of a ward
(note) please note that reply, and do not cope in principle with comment.

About operation

In Shibuya City, we manage based on "the Shibuya City Facebook operation point".

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