We would like self-restraints such as going out that the non-pivot is non-rapid sequentially

  • Update day:
    April 3, 2020

As for the new patients in Tokyo with new coronavirus infectious disease in April 2, 97 personality increased rapidly more than 400 people yesterday during this week. It increases about the number of patients in Shibuya City in total for 21 personality days. It is right the situation that explosion (overshot) of infected person can happen anytime.

As for the weekend of last week to people from inhabitant of a ward and next town of self-restraint of non-pivot non-sudden going out asked.
By having been able to have understanding, pedestrian traffic around the main station in ward of the weekend was usual and compared the purpose with all of you well and, about this, was in a situation that there was very few. In addition, in the event organizers, we have you restrain yourself from holding, and large commercial facilities and store of small and medium size have you close and have prevention of infection spread give a response that there is an effect and offer my gratitude for great cooperation of people concerned deeply.
However, fight with new coronavirus infectious disease is in condition not to see point. It is necessary to have action of the infection prevention by each all of you continue sequentially to let this end as soon as possible.
Including the weekend from tomorrow, we want to have you refrain from non-pivot non-sudden going out by all means until at least this month 12. In addition, called "bad sealing space of ventilation" that is at increased risk of infection "place where many people crowd" "tight conversation in short distance" please avoid that go in place where condition of "three are dense" is piled up at the same time.
Most all of you have great cooperation from such an action, but information that large-scale party is planned in restaurants in ward at still partly this time is put to ward a lot.
About meeting, eating and drinking at place where condition of "three are dense" is piled up, holding of event, holding of banquet in a great number of people, the present self-restraint, please very much.
Careless action based on thought without grounds "that only oneself is not infected" with is very dangerous. We repeat and would like such recognition and action by all means to follow we have you wait, and "oneself does not infect" and "not to transmit to another person either", and to collect, and to cooperate for prevention of infection spread.

Mayor Shibuya Ken Hasebe