About Shibuya City opinion for the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications comment

  • Update day:
    April 3, 2020

[inquiry] Residents and Family Registration Division inhabitants registrar (Phone: 03-3463-1675)

On April 3, comment about LINE application such as resident's cards of our ward was reported than Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takaichi. About this matter, we show Shibuya City thought.
At first, it is indication about problem in security such as manipulation or spoofing of Image, but we pretend to be and it is at low risk of and adopts high structure of security even if Shibuya City LINE application compares with accepted Mail request now.
It is method to perform identity verification only by application and copying of enclosed identity verification documents and, by procedure for request for current Mail, cannot perform confirmation with photograph of the face, but by implementing identity verification on online using high AI face recognition of precision called eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer), LINE application of ward adopts high method of the certification strength. Furthermore, we demand photograph of the face moving to face which we appointed at random to reduce spoofing risk and raise certainty of what by performing face recognition by three points of alignment, the person has applied for on the spot.
In addition, we come to be able to examine identity verification by face recognition by AI and collation confirmation by the staff double because we can identify photograph of the face of applicant as identity verification documents which we used for face recognition by LINE application in mokuken, and security/safety adopts secured structure more in comparison with existing procedure.
About indication on law, we hold based on the "law enforcement regulations about administrative promotion utilizing information and communication technology to affect Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications-affiliated laws and ordinances" Article 4 Paragraph 2 proviso lawfully. This rule is rule that the Basic Resident Registration Act set about the technical use of information and communication in administrative procedures to affect Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications-affiliated laws and ordinances. When we have electronic application of request for resident's card, as a general rule, e-signature is required, but, in Article 4 Paragraph 2, it is said that it is not the limit by method that, on the other hand, each local government appoints when we take measures to confirm person who performed the application. Shibuya City decides conduct based on the regulations mentioned above after having inspected identity verification and reports so to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications before operational start.

Shibuya City always worked on promotion of the non-next agency model service for the purpose of improvement of convenience of inhabitant of a ward and worked about convenience store grant of my number card ahead of the whole country.
We think that method called this LINE application is one method to greatly contribute to improvement of inhabitant of a ward profit in the present while we will work on the spread of my number cards still more continuously in the future, and ward finally aims at identity verification with my number card.

We determine this approach and do not obstruct the spread of my number cards and we have many people understand convenience of online application as foothold and are thinking about this that we have and are connected for the spread of my number cards promotion in the future.
In the situation that new coronavirus infectious disease increases day by day, the number of the infected people in Tokyo exceeds 90 yesterday on April 2, and Tokyo invites infection explosion, situation of city blockade and the unprecedented critical situation that it can be when.
We control the next agency to crowded window while we did it this way and would appreciate your understanding of each site in relations as it is new approach to be able to apply simply and safely while being in home.
April 3, 2020
Ken Hasebe