[the head of a ward message] For infectious disease extended prevention, we continue closing, closure of kuyuhodokoshi* until May 31

  • Update day:
    May 1, 2020

Three weeks or more passed after the government task force gave emergency declaration on April 7. Until now about inhabitants of a ward, the next town people, moreover, company in ward, thing that understanding and cooperation gives self-restraint of going out, restraint of attendance and shortening of business hours, closure of store for the infection spread prevention on a large scale commercial facilities, many various places including sole proprietors of the maximum offer my gratitude.
The government called for reducing contact with people 80% for extended convergence of infectious disease. According to the private plural investigations, it is said that we compare before declaration around Shibuya Sta., and more than 80% of daytime population decreased. In Shibuya and the town such as Harajuku, Ebisu full of people from many next towns, a person's figure disappears, and what have been lost is really regrettable as Mayor of Shibuya, and vigor regrets, but thinks that it is necessary to continue having patience strong still more until fight with new model coronavirus is over.
The number of the infected people in the latest ward becomes 157 people today, and this is infection rate that is the third highest with 23 wards when it is said by the population ratio. We performed every possible precautionary measures in Shibuya City, but unfortunately outbreaks occur in person with a disability welfare facilities until now. Infected person appears to the ward staff or user of elderly person facility. In addition, as for the number of the patient outbreak in yesterday's Tokyo, it is 46, and seemingly we seem to have declined, but indication called prematurity is to judge that speed of decrease is later than assumption or we passed peak. We cannot relax caution here while the situation of medical institution is still tight, and infected person in ward continues still occurring day after day.
At point in time, the government task force did not reach clear judgment today whether you extended emergency declaration after May 7, but decided to continue closing, closure of kuyuhodokoshi* which carried out health, life of inhabitant of a ward except some business that had top priority, and was necessary for thought, inhabitant of a ward life, health maintenance for Shibuya City until now until May 31. In addition, we decide to continue extension about closure of a school, closure of municipal elementary and junior high school, kindergarten and nursery school until the same day. But there is possibility to further extend when emergency declaration of the government is extended after June.
Great inconvenience causes trouble, but a person's movement becomes active and, to inhabitants of a ward, wants to avoid that infected people increase again as people gather somehow or other for a long term by reopening facility now. We would appreciate your understanding.
From tomorrow, it is consecutive holidays when are in the latter half of the Golden Week. Usual is the season to be invited to comfortable weather, and to go for leisure and trip. However, I sincerely hope that we make an effort together until now and piled up, thing so that we do not lose all to just continue self-restraint of non-pivot non-sudden going out for a while.
Mayor Shibuya Ken Hasebe