[the head of a ward message] About the Shibuya City polymerase chain reaction test system

  • Update day:
    May 2, 2020

The cause of emergency declaration, the number of the increase of infected person of new coronavirus in Shibuya City are seen as if we calmed down from 1:00, but we exceed 150 for the infected person total number, and, as for changing, there are none in still increasing. New infected person becomes clear every day and is similar in the whole Tokyo. Infection rate of this ward is the third eye-level in 23 wards as we told in report of continuing closing, closure of kuyuhodokoshi* yesterday until May 31 on May 1 when we say by the population ratio. We recognize that it is a more unpredictable severe situation.

This ward installed returnee, contact telephone consultation center for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease the other day and carried out consultation of with symptom and polymerase chain reaction test that necessary accepted in cooperation with medical institution in ward. In addition, in this ward, there is infectious disease response possible medical institution that usually deepened relationship through training on the basis of medical cooperation at disaster. It cooperated while utilizing the relationship effectively, and getting cooperation and came in response to polymerase chain reaction test until now.

In addition to such an approach, we start polymerase chain reaction test on April 28 by cooperation with Shibuya City medical association for further infection spread in consideration of increase of the number of the infected people. We think that the polymerase chain reaction test system of this ward further advanced in this. Ward predominates by 5 in the middle of the month and installs "local outpatient department, inspection center" which let you expand medical treatment, the inspection system and it follows and will promote approach for security of security, relief of inhabitants of a ward in future. About the polymerase chain reaction test system of this ward, we would appreciate your understanding by all means.

Mayor Shibuya Ken Hasebe