About "Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya" business

  • Update day:
    June 25, 2020

Adaptation to "new normal" that is new daily life is demanded regardless of sector by expansion of new coronavirus. We receive this situation and, in Shibuya City, launch "Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya" which is business that is newer than June 25, 2020 and start new technology and offer of idea to solve society problem of various fields from start-up company and university, research organization. For adopted item, we coordinate with post in charge, the person in charge of ward immediately and go for quick social proof. In addition, application form supports Japanese and English and accepts offer from foreign countries.
About offer and support contents, you can see in "Innovation for New Normal from Shibuya" official site (the outside site).

Reference: Release material (PDF 710KB)

Recruitment Details

Application eligible people

Research organizations such as company led by start-up company aiming at solution of social problem that we produced with expansion of new coronavirus infectious disease by power of technology and university

Offer theme

New technology, solution to solve social problem in new normal that we reached after the emergency declaration cancellation
 (example) form of new retail, restaurant, form (service to bring local experience) of new sightseeing, school education by remoteness

Recruitment Period, How to Apply

Recruitment Period: Offer start occasional than June 25, 2020 (we set the deadline depending on the application situation)
How to Apply: It is entry from official site

Support contents to adoption company 

・Adjustment for service development with Shibuya City post in charge
・Conduct cooperation of proof experiment
・Co-operation support with partner with Shibuya City network
・Early implementation support about success model
・mentaringu by investors such as Venture Capital
・Resource, fund support (plan) from supporting company

Contact Us about this matter

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Telephone: 03-3463-1291