New Corona reliable check-in service

  • Update day:
    July 1, 2020

[inquiry] General-Management Planning Division management plan person in charge (Phone: 03-3463-1191)

About start of new Corona reliable check-in service

Facility or store in ward were available to inhabitants of a ward in peace and, for the arrival of the second wave of new coronavirus infectious disease, the third wave, began "new model corona relief check-in service" as structure to control infection spread more.
When new coronavirus infectious disease patient occurs in pulling in customers facility or the store in ward with fear of cluster generating, this service notifies of message of alerting for user who was present at the same place on the same day in LINE. At first, as you start notice of QR code for registration (check-in) with a part of the public facilities including library, you register on facility use by all means, and please cooperate with prevention of infection spread.
In addition, this service can have you register company where stores are run by yourself. Person that registration such as stores in ward is hoped for, please confirm this.


In the case of the use, facilities read QR code

  1. We read QR code (cf. chart below) posted on Reception desk, entrance in camera of smartphone or LINE
  2. When friend is already registered in ward LINE official account, check-in is completion.
  3. When friend does not register ward LINE official account, as screen of friend addition is displayed, we choose "addition" and check in.

※LINE application is necessary.

When infected person occurs in facilities, we send message to registrant with fear of infection

  1. In setting facilities of QR code, the use of infected person becomes clear
  2. Message of alerting is sent to user who happened to be there on the same day only when we judge that there might be infection to unspecified number of the general public
  3. Even if message arrives, we may not be infected. At first, we have you be careful about physical condition management, and please consult with Shibuya City new model corona consultation consultation counter (Shibuya City returnee, contact telephone consultation center) (we move to the other page) at the time of physical condition aggravation.

※We do not notify all the registrants


  • When plural space is in the use facility, and QR code is posted for each space, please read QR code at each place.
  • Please read QR code at every visit at the same place to notify standard of visit day.


  • By this service, personal information such as full name, Address, Telephone number of user, GPS positional information of smartphone does not have the acquisition, the use.
  • Ward may not have reading, the use of visit history of individual user.