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    October 18, 2018
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Area-limited model SNS about "is various"

"It is various" is SNS of neighborhood limitation. We start service in March, 2016 and it features that two ways including area information sharing that it is hard to readily usually get including word of mouth information such as kindergarten, nursery school and local event notice can compare notes and, other than hospital, shop, lessons, is utilized as place of cooperation of neighborhood. 
We bind Proper (company is various and changes company name of in September, 2017) and agreement that are operator together about various utilization in Shibuya City in June, 2017 and send information of ward. In addition, we publish town assembly bulletin board and provide local information.

Main contents to send

News, event from Shibuya City, information of disaster prevention, safety measures

Screen of various Shibuya City official account
Screen image of various Shibuya City official account

We can see flyer published in town assembly bulletin board with bulletin board screen.
Bulletin board screen image of various Shibuya City official account

Bulletin board screen extended image of various Shibuya City official account

About registration

That use smartphone; register. Recommended environment, please confirm help (various homepage)
We access various homepage and choose "simple free of charge registration". Please input chome, Mail address, password of living Address. After sending input content, we perform identity verification using short message service (SMS). As the certification cord arrives in SMS, we have you input the certification cord and become identity verification completion.