July 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2) issue

  • Update day:
    July 17, 2020

Shibuya ward news July 1, 2020 issue cover

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1-3 special features (PDF 660KB)


  • We make opportunity to be connected to people. Place of contact of children loved in area.


  • Child open to area is children's house of the leading role.

4-8 news (PDF 2,160KB) from Shibuya City


  • Premium of medical system for elder senior citizens, 2020 was settled
  • Update of national health insurance program, "limit application, standard burden reduction certificate" "limit application certificate"
  • We sent premium decision notification of national health insurance program, 2020
  • Care premium of nursing-care insurance system, 2020 was settled


  • We send notice of residence tax (special ward tax, Metropolitan inhabitant tax) of 2020
  • General account revised budget (No. 2, No. 3) and National Health Insurance business accounts revised budget (the first) were fixed at 2020
  • It recruits designated managers of Shibuya City Tachikawa Sakuranosato, Tsu Shibuya
  • Does friend not register Shibuya City LINE official account?
  • We reduce childcare fee in 2020
  • Announcement of course, classroom cancellation for elderly people


  • We carry out generation employment examination for three kinds of staff of Metropolitan Wards (we include person with a disability object), experienced person, employment glacial epoch
  • We assist some tuition to care staff first designation person training course (communication, attending school) completion person
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) is installed in Seven-Eleven store in ward


  • "Smile ship kyoiku parents seminar" begins 
  • We distribute gift certificate for the purpose of use of taxi to people of pregnant woman
  • We cancel consolidated school briefing session of municipal elementary and junior high school
  • Health lively business campaign course changes application method
  • It recruits empty house waiting registrants of ward-operated house (product for elderly people)
  • News of death


  • Name of Senior Citizens’ Care Center ruins compound facility was decided
  • It recruits residents of kannamino forest, Shibuya special elderly nursing home
  • "New lifestyle" and the heat stroke prevention
  • Precaution when we use pool
  • kuminno haiku

9-11 information (PDF 2,104KB) of living


  • Government building access
  • Health
    • Meal and snacks of infant
    • By ministry of alignment of teeth, coming together
    • Daddy mom guide class (holiday edition)
  • Entertainment
    • Elderly person massage service
  • Course, classroom
    • Japanese classroom (the basics)
    • "We squeeze pure soy sauce in parent and child, and Social education centers course will make chirashi-sushi" 
    • Founding online seminar (all five times)
    • Result and the support training (all four times)


  • Sports
    • Kids swimming (all ten times)
  • Notice
    • Payment of atomic bomb exposed society participation incentive wages 
    • Please be careful about fraud in conjunction with Supplementary Income Payment especially
  • Offer
    • Entering of Tokyo residents house
    • Shibuya City staff welfare (nursery staff) two kinds adoption selection
    • Motto which calls for 3R
    • Meeting (coming-of-age ceremony) brochure publication corporate advertising which celebrates new adult
  • Consultation
    • Saturday development consultation
    • Forgetfulness conference


12 mini-special features (PDF 483KB)

  • We are raising new business plan to do society more wealthily. "Dispatch from Shibuya in new normal"