60,000 pieces of masks were donated from Amity Foundation of China

  • Update day:
    April 1, 2020

60,000 pieces of masks were donated from Amity Foundation of Media/Shibuya Photo diary/China of administration of a ward information/public information, ward

10,000 pieces of medical masks, total 60,000 pieces of 50,000 pieces of general masks were donated for for medical institution and welfare facilities from Amity Foundation (charity organization, Nanjing, Motobu City) of China.
Because kaerimi*yufukurijicho (former Jiangsu government deputy chief) of the meeting supported extended prevention of pneumonia due to new coronavirus, this offered donation of mask to Shibuya City through Kimiyo Matsuzaki (81 years old, present family name Kurimoto) with friendship through table tennis.
Mayor Hasebe as "mask is the short situation in welfare facilities such as medical institution and elderly person facility, nursery school, inflect. Thank you, we spoke thanks.
Legend of the world table tennis world that Matsuzaki whom we acted as go-between for includes singles, double, group of world table tennis championships meets from 1959 through 1963, and wins the championship seven times. It is known even that the Chou Enlai prime minister and friendship of China were deep and has been making an effort for friendship for many years in the daytime. We are presented with Shibuya City honor inhabitant of a ward in this January.
Matsuzaki when "was in trouble, cooperation is important each other. Table tennis mediates between Japan and China by relationship in this way, of everybody could be useful, and was good. Infection wants you to converge as soon as possible. It contributes to the fact that ryotetsu of Jiangsu international exchange center and Yasuo Hakamada of federation of Shibuya City table tennis had you engage earnestly in adjustment that this talk was able to come true. We said, we want to offer my gratitude for all of Amity Foundation and related ward offices.