For IDAHOT day, Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador was paid a courtesy visit to

  • Update day:
    May 17, 2020

For Media/Shibuya Photo diary /IDAHOT day of administration of a ward information/public information, ward, Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador was paid a courtesy visit to

May 17 is IDAHOT day (day of international anti-homofobia Trang Suffo beer baifobia) today.
IDAHOT day is international day we spread recognition for rights abuse and discrimination against various places of sexual minority such as homosexual or trans gender, bisexuality every year on May 17 and to object.
For this, the RINGS Co.,Ltd. second prize secretary, Kim Dan policy officer are bicycles to Shibuya City Office for courtesy visit to Mayor Shibuya to Peter fan Dell Fried stationing in Japan Kingdom of the Netherlands Ambassador, Maruyo rain ie on May 13 (!) It was done the next agency.
Including various places of LGBT, nobody exchanged opinion about the making of society which was not hard to grow with it was talk with ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which realized same-sex marriage for the first time in the world in 2001 and the Shibuya City head of a ward who issued partnership proof to the same sex couple first in Japan.
You can see this design photographed in consideration for security such as social distance and ventilation as Video on Twitter and Facebook of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Embassy to Japan.

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