Photograph: Mayor Shibuya Ken Hasebe

To room of the head of a ward

Dear Shibuya residents,Hello,This is Ken Hasebe.

We redecorated this "room of the head of a ward" only a little on renewing Shibuya City homepage.

We think that as local community FM where daily activities and we of my own appear on every week introduces "room of the head of a ward" on "radio of Shibuya", few can tell inhabitants of a ward about job and way of thinking of ward.

Mayor of Shibuya City
Ken Hasebe hasebeken

Profile of the head of a ward

Ken Hasebe hasebeken
1972 (Showa 47) 3⽉ Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku birth
After the HAKUHODO Inc. retirement, we establish NPO corporation green bird and develop activity to clean town
We begin in Harajuku, Omotesando and carry out promotion activity about littering of garbage in 60 whole country or more
From 2003 (Heisei 15) Shibuya City congressist (the third 12 years)
Mayor Shibuya takes office from 4⽉27 day in 2015 (Heisei 27) (the present second)

Activity introduction of the head of a ward

The latest activity

"Shibuya Photo diary" introduces activity of the head of a ward.

Appearance to "radio of Shibuya"

State of radio collecting

On radio of local community FM Shibuya, we are broadcasting "radio Shibuya ward news" (room of the head of a ward).
Mayor Hasebe oneself talks about now of Shibuya.

Frequency 87.6MHz
On airdate

Three times a day (for each ten minutes) of every Friday

  • From 11:00 to 11:10
  • From 17:00 to 17:10
  • From 19:50 to 20:00

Past broadcast

We can see past broadcast of "radio of Shibuya" in listening in Sound in the following linked page and letter information.

The head of a ward column (we extract than Shibuya ward news)

Shibuya City Hachi-ko eight tightening

"We tightened Shibuya City Hachi-ko eight" of Shibuya City original and made no Video. We have city pride (regionalism) for Shibuya City toward many inhabitants of a ward alone and want to just go. This Video is thing by suggestion of the young staff of ward, and I demonstrate at the head to let you be popular from the beginning of the year in each place in ward. It is approach that came out of sense of fun, but thinks that such a thing leads to breeding of city pride.
Please try all of you. Thank you in advance.

"We tighten eight Shibuya City Hachi-ko loan by hand only to Hachi-ko"

"yooo" is full♪

"Hachi-ko" is full♪

"Refill" daddy Bakery Bakery♪

Mayor expense account

When the head of a ward runs the Shibuya City administration of a ward smoothly, the head of a ward expense account is expense becoming needed.

Opinion, request, Contacts (letter to the head of a ward) to the administration of a ward

We arrange "letter to the head of a ward" to ask about opinions from inhabitants of a ward directly, and to reflect in the administration of a ward. We make use of letters from everybody to the head of a ward who had in process of making of plan and work of ward through eyes.
Depending on contents, it may take days until thing and answer that we cannot reply. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.