Basic plan

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    July 1, 2020

Progress of development

Shibuya City devised Shibuya City basics plan to assume "life culture city Shibuya - nature and culture full of originality and town - of peace" image in the future of ward in March, 1996. Afterwards, about 20 years pass, and new problem accompanied with rapid progress of population decline and low birthrate and aging occurs with various society turns of events to surround Shibuya City. Therefore we surveyed 20 years later and drew future image of new ward and we installed the council such as Shibuya City basics plans in November, 2015 to consider and consulted basic direction of future ward administration for solution of problem about two points about measure that you should include in basic plan for Shibuya City long term when (2) was new about basic direction for (1) Shibuya City basics plan revision. About this question, "the council reports Shibuya City basics plans" (draft) was gathered in July, 2016 and received report from the council in August of the year.
In response to this report, Shibuya City future image "is town to change to power in difference. We got decision of ward assembly and devised Shibuya City and new basic plan to do in October, 2016.

The council such as Shibuya City basics plans

In November, 2015, we installed "the council such as Shibuya City basics plans" to examine basic direction of the future administration of a ward for solution to problem on revising basic plan, and the investigation deliberation was performed until August, 2016. For more details, please see the council such as Shibuya City basics plans.

Roles of basic plan

Based on Shibuya City problem, we clarify future image (vision) of ward that surveyed 20 years later, and basic plan is ward indicating basic principles of the future administration of a ward and long-term guideline and the charter of inhabitant of a ward. That has positioning as basic and general guideline of premeditated financial and administrative operations in Shibuya City.
This basic plan assumes problem in Shibuya City town development in the future "realization" of "mature international city" and aims at it being in city that the inhabitant of a ward can live for proudly, and eventually.

Shibuya City basics plan


What is 1 basics plan?
Background that remakes 2 basics plans
Sense of values to lay groundwork for 3 basics plans
4 Shibuya City future images
Basic plan according to five fields
Basic posture of 6 administration of a ward administration

What is 1 basics plan?

This basic plan is the cause and way of thinking that it is Shibuya City in the future values what kind of thing, and what kind of direction you are going to advance to. And Shibuya City 20 years later draws vision to want to be like this.

Background that remakes 2 basics plans

Why is it necessary to remake this basic plan now?
From the times of made old basics plan, society greatly changed 20 years ago. Japanese economy continues being sluggish, and gap-widening society moves, and low birthrate and aging rapidly advances. On the other hand, smartphone and cell-phones spread explosively, and the Internet became social infrastructure which was indispensable to our life now. And society continues still changing at an increasing tempo while laying new task.
It is very difficult to predict the future in exact exactness, but, based on this social change, thing, that talking about what kind of 20 years later Shibuya City wants to aim at some other time again are purposes to change just this basic plan.
It is necessary for evolution to rapidly grow up as for the Shibuya City because it is in mature international city as of year in 2016 with the Tokyo Olympics Paralympics coming four years later. We think that we want to do with basic plan advocated only in Shibuya to continue being attractive city that attracts the world sequentially after this.

Sense of values to lay groundwork for 3 basics plans

In development of basic plan, what does Shibuya City in the future think to be important? In other words, Shibuya City sense of values that fixed its eyes on 20 years later will carry through the whole this basic plan.

(1) Where does Shibuya City face?

It is "mature international city" which is admired equally with London, Paris, New York although scales are different that Shibuya City aims. Having high international competitiveness and strong regionality and the maturity here. And the inhabitant of a ward can live there proudly. We think that it is condition of town which all these attract attention from the world, and is loved.

(2) How does Shibuya City go?

Shibuya City values way of thinking called "diversity and ink roux John" to evolve to mature international city.
Turning the diversity into energy without simply accepting every diversity (diversity) of people living in this ground (ink roux John). Across race, sex, age, obstacle, make power of all people gathering for Shibuya City driving force of town development.
In other words, it is essence of this way of thinking that "the leading role of town is people".

(3) What is necessary for Shibuya City?

We think that people's minds requesting connection and the need of assisting each other are universal so that technique progresses so much. Anyone can help each other. We think human relations of such a "mutual assistance" to be essential.
In addition, we want to make the richness of the life of people concerned with Shibuya City one which permanently follows. Therefore we value viewpoint of "sustainability" in the whole book.

4 Shibuya City future images

Town which turns difference into power. Shibuya City

Shibuya turns the world.
No, "Shibuya" turns the world.
We will believe so seriously.

There is in this town
Every human being work sense of values,
In drama, let's bless chance.
Their varying,
That is why let's love heat to be born.

It is different, which means there is not substitute.
That is a support to move the future.

To town which can be pleased with each growth throughout the life.
To town where every person can live like oneself.
To town which wants to move body unintentionally.
To town where a person's connection and consciousness keep the future.
To town where anyone can have place and friend to be able to love.
To town which continues producing new culture.
To the town filled with adventure of business.

Person concerned with town all,
We can enjoy own life.
We want to make such a Shibuya City with you.
As for the value to mix, and to be born
We will prove that we enable that in this town.

Basic plan according to five fields

Bring up Ms. A; education, lifelong learning

To town which can be pleased with each growth throughout the life.

We can become "person to bring up" at the same time as every person is "person brought up". And, in any stage of the life, we do.
Joy be felt by all people being brought up with or without race, sex, age, obstacle through life and bringing up, thing and telling, each to learn. Shibuya City aims at advanced city of diversity & ink roux John education.

■ It is child that is the future.

Want to have child in this town, want to bring up. We promise relief and joy as I think so. Before childbirth, we want to become town supporting child care without break up to the next when child grew up.
In addition, a variety of possibility sleeping in children is hope itself of society. We investigate advanced education from time of infants to draw the possibility to the maximum.
Both childcare and education are nothing but that they bring up the future of this country.

■ We learn, and this world overflows.

Anyone learns, and can love in this world filled with various color and human diversity. Any place other than the school, we make opportunity and structure rolling up various human resources in education at school. Providing chance and both in chance to learn telling various people as possible. This is way of thinking that is various, and does lifelong learning wealthily.

The B welfare

To town where every person can live like oneself.

Isolate no person from society. This is because child, elderly person, person with a disability, the life poor, anyone including person with dementia are each one who is important for this society.
All people assist, and any person makes commensal town which can live like oneself. Therefore Shibuya City makes new structure of the welfare while fixing life support service more than before.

■ As for the welfare, there is creativity.

It turn image of people for concept called the welfare to become the key to person nail. Is it anything with the welfare that it is for hint to make anything, industry and culture with the welfare to light anything, the future with the welfare to evolve society without remaining in "barrier-free of heart"? Shibuya City pursues them proactively and practices.

■ The welfare to make connection.

As the key to cover nail, we propose "mutual assistance network". Across walls such as race, sex, age, people and person want to fix area environment and structure which are easy to help each other while crossing hand with private enterprise or NPO. Such a connection functionalizes as base supporting every individual and family.

C health, sports

To town which wants to move body unintentionally.

We want to become town which wants to live long at the same time to be town which can live long.
Custom of exercise becomes a part of the life of people, and can keep health while anyone enjoys. Shibuya City captures Shibuya City oneself with "15 square kilometers of athletic grounds" and pushes forward town development melting into so that daily exercise is a pleasure, and all lives for sports to perform.

■ As it is to move to live.

We want to make that we exercise a part of the lifestyle not special act. Therefore we maintain the topography and various cityscape, various public space full of Shibuya-ku's original ups and downs as as opportunity of exercise of people whom living people visit that is opportunity of health.
In addition, we expand structure of crisis management on health side to develop cooperation between medical institutions more and do base of local health, medical care in reliable town which by getting, all people can live for more in peace.

■ There is not person who cannot be concerned with sports.

We accept sports of a variety of types as possible and aim at town to support. Measure of item or minor does not matter.
We want to create opportunity when anyone can participate in sports as as player or the audience in one way or another. In this way, we make Shibuya City public holidays and festival days characteristics and the town which does not die out of elation.

D disaster prevention, security, environment and energy

To town where a person's connection and consciousness keep the future.

To promise relief and security for living person and coming person equally. And to maintain comfortable city environment without unreasonableness. We think that Shibuya City wants to become "flexible, tough" town. It is city that is flexible, and is strong and lasts long.
It is consciousness and knowledge of people and technical power to be called into question then. It is tied to strength of city and environmental sustainability to rise in a variety of human beings. We aim at such a town.

■ Strength of connection is strength of town.

At the time of disaster, how do you revive city flexibly how you strengthen disaster prevention? How do you protect each one from danger such as crimes?
It is cooperation of people and person to lay groundwork for relief and security. We talk how long "another person" in each area fellow is usually connected. Shibuya City fixes such a daily connection as well as urban infrastructure maintenance that is strong in disaster and crime.

■ In problem each person's with sustainability.

Feeling that the best power to realize sustainable environment loves each person's daily livings. And it is motivation to want to protect that.
About both garbage and energy, own life and environment of town be thought about as adjoining thing all people concerned with Shibuya City. At first, we want to heap up imminent approach to save energy to reduce everyday garbage. Furthermore, through low-carbon town development, Shibuya City is wanting to do consciousness of people in one.

Design of E space and community

To town where anyone can have place and friend to be able to love.

"Place" and town with "friend" where we want to be concerned with for living person, working person, coming person, people, whichever which may visit now. We think that that is town loved for a long time in the world.
Shibuya City wants to develop various space in ward as base of various community. We find new value in existing space while crossing a variety of people and hands about Shibuya City and create places that there was not still and. It is diversification and growth of community to aim.

■ Shibuya City has many Shibuya.

In ward, area with various expressions coexists. Diversity is in area symbolizing the most tip of Tokyo, area leading Fashion, area full of traditional human touch, area including quiet residential quarter. We rediscover each charm and perform the making of space to draw to the maximum.
For community activation, we push forward maintenance of traffic environment securing easy movement, easy stay.

■ To community world in the Shibuya City community.

For all areas in ward, have fan in the future all over the world. To that end, state of a variety of community activities in each space, what is opened is important for the whole world. Shibuya City prepares structure enabling each area, constant "dispatch" from each community.

F culture, entertainment

To town which continues producing new culture.

If it is not town called Shibuya, there is culture tide that was not able to be born. It is free and is slippery and therefore wants to call this cultural diversity itself of Shibuya filled with possibility Shibuya culture. It is, so to speak, "culture to continue producing culture".
Multiplication of culture should accelerate still more while people of the world gather in Tokyo without the past. Shibuya City stimulates town development as Scramble Crossing of culture causing the multiplication.

■ To Fashion and Music and there.

Shibuya City produces big tide once, and "Fashion" and "Music" are the fields that they pulled again. We evolve this DNA some other time and bring up Shibuya most in the "town with vigor of Fashion" "town of Music" in the world. We always find various cultural possibility and, in other field, support and continue being town to bring up.

■ We regard all the Shibuya City as exhibition.

For all people concerned with expression, creation, be continued being town stimulating forever. You must send the present of cultural activities to be carried out in this town consistently for the world. In it, Shibuya develops as entertainment city. Light will be traditional culture, traditional arts from new angle in this way.

G industrial development

To the town filled with adventure of business.

As for the Shibuya City, big business and small business aim at town collaborating ideally. As much as type, scale, customers of business are various, innovation to turn the world is because it becomes easy to be born.
Any business includes chance of adventure. We want to continue giving courage to step forward to the first step and will to be able to challenge again and again. We fix the system supporting the cause of such a thought, every industrial person.

■ New business becomes Shibuya.

Place that person who was going to launch business that will be new from now on raises in site proposed for first of the base. Shibuya City pushes business that anyone has not tried yet and experimental project from behind positively to become such a town. Of course, as well as the country, we welcome entry from all over the world.
And we make "town where consumers can feel relieved" more than anywhere else simply because we aim at freedom of such a business.

■ Thing that continues being fresh as sightseeing spot.

Medium and small-sized business and personal store want to continue being towns which can move into action at ease. In addition, regardless of type of industry and scale, we want to support industry, company, store coherent to Shibuya's original regionality still more.
"Cannot experience if you do not come for Shibuya" is born in sequence from that. We assume them new tourist attractions and expand without tourism industry jitaiomo, the past.

Basic posture of 6 administration of a ward administration

Shibuya City makes "long-term basic plan" to realize vision described in this basic plan. And Shibuya City aims at the following things to make each measure reliable.

■ "Basic physical strength" being the solid local government.

As the major premise to realize each measure, we secure stable financial fundamental and build sustainable financial and administrative operations.

■ Cooperate with inhabitant of a ward and a variety of people.

It is power of each inhabitant of a ward to support this town. Inhabitant of a ward is independent, and, moreover, it cooperates with a variety of people and private enterprises, NPO except inhabitant of a ward positively, and by working on problem of town together, being able to participate in the administration of a ward, more voices push forward reflected town development.

■ Being group which can move quickly.

A variety of needs that continue changing with change of the times. We organize organization which had mobility and flexibility to answer them precisely.

■ Being the workplace which does not get snagged on established concept.

From international point of view, we review the way of work to make a more creative workplace environment. We utilize advanced technique positively and consider introducing work-style and office design which do not get snagged on established concept.

Shibuya City basics plan handbook

We made picture book (picture book) to be able to enjoy both children and adults to have everybody know future image of basic plan and town to aim at.


With YOU MAKE SHIBUYA Shibuya City future image "is town to change to power in difference. For realization of Shibuya City, it is password to call for participation of a variety of people and groups.
On exclusive website, we introduce various plans that we carried out so far.