Shibuya City partnership certificate

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    August 15, 2019

[inquiry] Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> (Phone: 03-3464-3395, FAX: 03-3464-3398)

In ward, we promote the formation of "society in deference to human rights of sexual minority" with respect for human rights of man and woman based on "the regulations to promote society in deference to Shibuya City gender equality and diversity".
As thing unlike the legal marriage, sex in family register with substance of degree that is not different from marital status of man and woman defines relations in social life between the same two people as "partnership", and partnership proof proves-affiliated thing of partner when we meet constant condition.
We perform grant of certificate in Reception desk of grant application of this partnership certificate from November 5 from October 28, 2015. In addition, partnership certificate, please note that grant is not possible on the same day to perform confirmation of application contents.

Software such as Adobe Reader distributed for free by Adobe company is necessary to see PDF file.
For more details, please refer to page seeing PDF file.

Person who can apply for partnership proof

It is necessary for both sides to correspond to all next. (required document, please confirm guides.)

  • We live in Shibuya City and there is resident registration
  • Being 20 years or older
  • There do not be partner except there not being spouse and the other party person concerned
  • Do not be close relatives

Prior consultation counter

Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> (page of Cultural Center Owada)

Application Reception desk, certificate grant window, reception hours

Ward office main government building the third floor Residents and Family Registration Division

From Monday to Friday (except holiday, New Year holidays) from 8:30 to 17:00