Agreement with Adidas Japan

  • Update day:
    February 17, 2020
[inquiry] General-Management Planning Division management plan person in charge, planning and coordination chief examiner (Phone: 03-3463-1191)

On Friday, February 7, 2020, Shibuya City concluded "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved local social problem with Adidas Japan which presented 4 stores in ward, and Ken Hasebe Mayor of Shibuya and Representative Director Yoshihiko Hashiba signed.
Active exchange of opinions is accomplished with Thomas sairamaketingu division director and Robert Clements Direct to Consumer division director (together vice-president) who attended, from Mayor of Hasebe "is felt, and have to talk saying want to push forward approach to be connected for suggestion of Lifestyle which woman can become through sports positively while giving each other's suggestion, and even the downtown area "recognizes sports." from Adidas Japan when Shibuya City is municipality promoting measure with social significance including LGBT and sports. We made use of our strength to take pride in creator brand and had to talk saying we created new thing and want to make form.
We collaborate and will work on problem solution in various fields including support about sports, health promotion and support about environmental conservation in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support about sports, health promotion
  2. Support about environmental conservation
  3. Support about next-generation upbringing
  4. Support about realization of diversity society (diversity)
  5. Support about culture promotion and sightseeing
  6. Support about anti-disaster measures
  7. In addition, support that it is admitted that it is necessary to cooperate mutually, and to agree

Shibuya social action partner agreement (PDF 186KB)
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