Agreement with coca korabotorazujapan

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    October 31, 2019
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On Friday, August 10, Shibuya City concluded "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved local social problem with coca korabotorazujapan.
"Town where people who "coca korabotorazujapan strongly approves of S-SAP agreement, and utilize assets only in oneself, and reach local Shibuya which is important base at happy moment, and there is story, we want to contribute to loved town planning." from Sato Tokyo Sales Division's general manager in the case of signing, and there is various culture in Shibuya, and are various from Mayor of Hasebe again gather. We had to talk while borrowing charm of brand got close to from many people called "Coca-Cola" saying we collaborated by the Olympics Paralympics, various approaches including suggestion of Shibuya souvenir and want to work.
We collaborate and will work on problem solution in various fields including support for globalization utilizing Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament and support about commercial and industrial sightseeing and culture promotion in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support for globalization utilizing Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament
  2. Support about commercial and industrial sightseeing and culture promotion
  3. Support about security, relief, anti-disaster measures of local living
  4. Support about sports, health promotion
  5. Support about environmental conservation
  6. Support about next-generation upbringing
  7. Support about realization of diversity society (diversity)
  8. In addition, support that it is admitted that it is necessary to cooperate mutually, and to cooperate

Shibuya social action partner agreement (PDF 84KB)
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Approach based on agreement

Business Approach contents The results
Shibuya City sightseeing support We donate a part of the proceeds of "Coca-Cola" "slim bottle Shibuya design" to Shibuya City Tourism Association August, 2018
Hydration course Hydration course conduct for heat stroke measures for Shibuya City elementary schools, kindergarten teachers August, 2018
Support to Shibuya City child table Offer (the outside site) of drink November, 2018 ~
Tokyo 2020 Olympics sacred-fire relay blowtorch event (sponsorship: Coca-Cola Co.) Holding of event October, 2019