Agreement with GOLDWIN Inc.

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    November 25, 2019
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On Thursday, April 11, 2019, Shibuya City concluded "Shibuya social action partner agreement" with GOLDWIN Inc.
In the case of signing from President Nishida "our idea which aimed at "diversity and idea called ink roux John" and realization of symbiosis society through person with a disability sports support which basic plan published was equal of Shibuya City. By realization of symbiosis society, have to talk saying children carrying the next generation want to do felt approach, from Mayor of Hasebe "the rugby World Cup or Tokyo 2020 Olympics Paralympics tournament are held in Shibuya City, but want to heap up by specialized knowledge of GOLDWIN together in future. Expect for anti-disaster measures, and is Shibuya City problem; if is hard to come home, and can have the help including measures to person. There was story, we wanted to send value culture like Shibuya while exchanging opinions.
We collaborate and, based on this agreement, will work on problem solution in various fields including support about realization of symbiosis society through sports and support about next-generation upbringing in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support about realization of symbiosis society through sports
  2. Support about next-generation upbringing
  3. Support about environmental conservation
  4. Support about anti-disaster measures
  5. In addition, support that it is admitted that it is necessary to cooperate mutually, and to agree

Shibuya social action partner agreement (PDF 181KB)
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Approach based on agreement

Business Approach contents The results
Secret (Canterbury of New Zealand Japan) that was covered by rugby representative from Japan uniform to win in the world Display in child science center bee laboratory From September, 2019 to November
"Let's experience special event Tokyo 2020 Olympics original expression competition for autumn break!" The presentation others of souvenir T-shirt October, 2019
"Wheelchair world challenge 2019" watching games support Production, the presentation of support towel utilizing Shibuya font October, 2019
New coronavirus infectious disease measures support Original mask, goggles made of cloth, the presentation of face shield May, 2020