Agreement with ITO EN Ltd.

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    April 1, 2019

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We decided to conclude "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved problem of community with Shibuya City in ITO EN Ltd., and Ken Hasebe Mayor Shibuya and President Daisuke Honjo of ITO EN Ltd. signed on Friday, November 11, 2016. In the case of signing from Honjo, president "our company is strong in image of drink maker, but is company which began with sale of tea leaves. There is story, want to send taste of tea which poured with teapot again, tradition of tea from Shibuya City to the world, from Mayor of Hasebe "tea is Japanese culture. Of course adult had to talk to having not only by making tea, and behaving, communication was born, but also know Japanese culture when we touched this tea culture since childhood and performed abroad in the future saying it may be connected. For solutions such as social problems to surround local contribution activity and child and home of Hatsudai, Sasazuka, Hatagaya, Honmachi district, we collaborate and, based on this agreement, will work in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Plan development about rijonarumanejimento of Hatsudai, Sasazuka, Hatagaya, Honmachi district
  2. Research and development about solution to social problem to surround child and family
  3. Research and development of health promotion domain in super-aged society
  4. Research and development about environment, resources, energy domain
  5. Research and development of Planning of culture art, entertainment promotion and measure to disseminate information of
  6. Examination of human resources development and personnel exchange in the training programs
  7. Support to enlightenment activity about realization of diversity society (diversity)

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Approach based on agreement

Business Approach contents The results
Support to Shibuya City child table Offer of drink August, 2017 ~
SHiDAX academy
Shibuya child table
Course offer (Matcha Art) March, 2018
Shibuya neighbor sundae Offer of food June, 2018