Agreement with SAPPORO HOLDINGS Ltd.

  • Update day:
    July 20, 2020

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We decided to conclude "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved problem of community with Shibuya City in SAPPORO HOLDINGS Ltd., and CEO Ken Hasebe Mayor Shibuya and President Tsutomu Kamijo of SAPPORO HOLDINGS Ltd. and group signed on Wednesday, October 19, 2016. In the case of signing from President Kamijo "hold factory in Ebisu for founding 140 years in this year, and, in Sapporo, it is in the place name called Ebisu brand name of our company for 127 years. In addition, 22 years passed from completion, but are glad at all of this entering Yebisu Garden Place of the head office function in binding agreement together with Shibuya City in this way some other time. There is story, we want to make town called "Shibuya" leading to the world together and "we always work on CSR activity positively and we can bind SAPPORO HOLDINGS and agreement having you work on activation of Ebisu together and thank from Mayor of Hasebe. We had to talk saying we want to solve various problems in each area together. Based on this agreement, we will work by collaboration in eight items including "support about next-generation upbringing" "support about activation of Ebisu district" "support about sports, health promotion" "sightseeing and support about culture" "support to enlightenment activity about realization of diversity society" (diversity) in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support about next-generation upbringing
    • Cooperation about maintenance of child care environment and facility administration of relationships
    • Cooperation about plan of educational program and practice
    • Cooperation about enlightenment campaign about home environment improvement
    • Cooperation about other next-generation upbringings
  2. Support about activation of Ebisu district
    • Contribute to improvement in area brand image; disseminate information
    • Cooperation about community event
    • Cooperation about activation of other Ebisu districts
  3. Support about disaster
    • Cooperation of facility use as Evacuation shelters at the time of disaster
    • Food, offer of relief supplies including drink
    • Offer of daily necessities storage place
    • Cooperation to enlightenment program about disaster prevention
    • Cooperation about other disasters
  4. Support about sports, health promotion
    • Cooperation about sporting event
    • Cooperation to various sports groups activity
    • Cooperation about other sports, health promotion
  5. Sightseeing and support about culture
    • Cooperation such as plan development about entertainment, culture business
    • Other sightseeing and cooperation about culture
  6. Support about environmental conservation
    • Promotion of tree planting space creation
    • Cooperation to beautification activity
    • Cooperation about other environmental conservation
  7. Support to enlightenment activity about realization of diversity society (diversity)
    • Conduct of LGBT training seminar and examination of system in the company
    • Cooperation about realization of other diversity society (diversity)
  8. Other support
    • Examination of human resources development and personnel exchange in the training programs

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Approach based on agreement

The business outline results
Business Approach contents The results
Establishment of nursery school in office Securing of local frame April, 2017 ~
Orange ribbon motion Activity support
Shibuya zunchaka! Venue offer others 2014 ~
Shibuya neighbor sundae Offer of drink, event holding (table tennis event in park) (homepage of the Shibuya neighbor sundae administration secretariat) June, 2018
Support to Shibuya City child table Offer (homepage of Shibuya City child table) of drink November, 2018 ~
New coronavirus infectious disease measures support The presentation of highly-concentrated ethanol product May, 2020