Agreement with University of the Sacred Heart

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    August 21, 2018

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On Monday, July 30, Shibuya City concluded "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved local social problem with University of the Sacred Heart with campus in ward, and Ken Hasebe Mayor of Shibuya and President Okazaki Toshiko University of the Sacred Heart signed.
In the case of signing from Okazaki president "University of the Sacred Heart assumed social action mission of university from open studies those days, and focused on global symbiosis again. "The town which turns difference into power." of Shibuya City basics plan We sympathized with this deeply. There will be story, would appreciate your doing idea of student in form together in future while learning various approaches of ward, from Mayor of Hasebe "is already having cooperation from students at the child table and Olympics Paralympics-related events. We will think that I can receive cooperation from lifelong learning course for elderly people with high will wanting to study in future. We had to talk saying we would appreciate your heaping up Shibuya together in future by all means.
We collaborate and will work on problem solution in various fields including support about education, lifelong learning and support about solution of social problem to surround child and family in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support about education, lifelong learning
  2. Support about solution to social problem to surround child and family
  3. Town development and support about activation of local community
  4. Support about realization of global symbiosis society
  5. Support about anti-disaster measures
  6. In addition, support that it is admitted that it is necessary to cooperate mutually, and to cooperate

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Approach based on agreement

Business Approach contents The results
Shibuya City child table Participation of student volunteer April, 2018 (before agreement)
Shibuya neighbor sundae Event participation (salon "sho straw bower") June, 2018 (before agreement)