Agreement with Teikyo Junior College

  • Update day:
    August 21, 2018

[inquiry] General-Management Planning Division management plan person in charge, planning and coordination chief examiner (Phone: 03-3463-1191)

We decided to conclude "Shibuya social action partner agreement" that collaborated, and solved local social problem with Teikyo Junior College with campus as for the Shibuya City in ward, and, on Monday, June 26, 2017, Ken Hasebe Mayor of Shibuya and gakukohojin*eigakuenteikyotankidaigaku*eikankorijicho, president signed.
In the case of signing Director Hiroko Okinaga "there is thought to have area raise student from president. There was story, you could apply student of Teikyo Junior College in local support in future by all means and, from Mayor of Hasebe, had to talk saying "we want that to follow, and cooperation to "child table" had you cooperate with new approach of ward including "the neighbor sundae" again and to heap up Sasazuka, Hatagaya area in by all means.".
We collaborate and, based on this agreement, will work on child care support and town development, problem solution in various fields including education in future.

Summary of the field of agreement

  1. Support about activation of Hatsudai, Nishihara, Hatagaya, Sasazuka, Honmachi district
  2. Support about solution to social problem to surround child and family
  3. Support about health promotion
  4. Support about education, lifelong learning
  5. Support about personnel training
  6. In addition, support that it is admitted that it is necessary to cooperate mutually, and to cooperate

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Approach based on agreement

Business Approach contents The results
Shibuya peer net
All the time restaurant "sasahatakko"
Administration support of Shibuya City child table January, 2017 (before agreement) ~
Shibuya neighbor sundae Event participation (six slope flower street hanging basket transplantation meet) June, 2018