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  • Update day:
    August 5, 2020

Using the Internet, please use application to ward office and electronic application system (e-Tokyo Tokyo local e-government joint administration service) which you can report anytime.

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 We can download applications.

Person used for the first time, please confirm the use environment such as the OS, browser to support before the use in e-Tokyo homepage "movement environment". For more details, following; "1 please read the use guide" (the first person).

1. The use guide (the first person)
2. We make electronic application (list of application, various applications)
3. We confirm the examination situation, examination result of electronic application (e-Tokyo Shibuya City page)

When we do not know setting and operation of PC about electronic application


About privacy policy in electronic application, please see this (e-Tokyo homepage).

What's New

From Thursday, July 16new
Mail type blood test (until Saturday, October 31 23:59)

From Wednesday, July 22new
Iris course "~ from practice of inkurushibu education ~ Shibuya City not LGBT education in what is demanded" (until Friday, August 21 17:00)

From Saturday, August 1new
Iris consultation (but every legal advice, trouble is anything consultation, nijiiro partnership legal advice) application (whole year Reception desk)

From Wednesday, August 5new
Iris lecture "is "man and woman" equality already old? New common sense of venture company of Shibuya (until Saturday, September 5 17:00)

From Wednesday, August 5new
Iris course "thinks about "genderless Fashion" from viewpoint of LGBT" (until Saturday, September 5 17:00)


Maintenance Information

System stop by joint administration service routine maintenance
For maintenance, we suspend system during the following period. I apologize to all of you for the inconvenience, but would appreciate your understanding.

  • From every month second Wednesday and last Wednesday 10:30 p.m. to next day 8:00 a.m.
    ※In addition, it may not be available by system maintenance temporarily even if we put other than the time mentioned above.

Public announcement of the online administrative procedures situation

We publish the situation of online administrative procedures in Shibuya City.