Important cultural property Kyu Asakura House

[inquiry] Cultural Promotion Division interchange promotion person in charge (Phone: 03-3463-1142, FAX: 03-5458-4938)

Important cultural property Kyu Asakura House facility guidance

Map around the Kyu Asakura House

Address: 29-20, Sarugakucho (zip code: 150-0033)
Telephone: 03-3476-1021
Traffic: Tokyu Toyoko Line "Daikan-yama Station" five minutes
Traffic: Hachi-ko bus (Yuyake Koyake route) "Daikan-yama Station" five minutes
Traffic: Tokyu toranse "Hillside terrace" three minutes

(note) by car cannot arrive.

The appearance photograph of Kyu Asakura House

Garden photograph which we saw from the house Garden photograph of April

Kyu Asakura House was built in 1919 by Asakura tiger Jiro who successively held Chairperson of Tokyo prefectural assembly and Shibuya City parliamentary speaker.
We can observe tasteful 2-story the building and strolling garden of Taisho romance.

Viewing guidance

Opening time

From 10:00 to 18:00 (as for from November to February until 16:30)

(note) admission until 17:30 (as for from November to February 16:00)

Closed days

Monday (weekdays in the case of holiday just after that), New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)

Viewing charges

General 100 yen, primary and secondary student 50 yen, annual viewing charges 500 yen

(note 1) Group (more than ten people) public 80 yen, primary and secondary student 40 yen
(note 2) People 60 years or older, impaired person and person of attendant are free of charge

Characteristic of Kyu Asakura House, garden

Kyu Asakura House

Central room is built in the residential land north side, and Kyu Asakura House has garden gate and an attachment shop (garage) in storehouse, Higashi to the west.
Central room is wooden 2 stories, and all rooms are almost with tatami mat floor, and it is the plaster coating, and, in the roof, as for tile-roofing, the outer wall, preliminary inspection boarded place, a part express characteristic of big residence built by around 1955 from the Meiji era conspicuously.

Garden of Kyu Asakura House

It becomes strolling garden which took in the topography called cliff line and is located a lot staffage thing such as stone lantern baskets and can enjoy maples azalea in autumn in spring.
As there is bad part of step, in viewing, please be careful. In addition, you pick plants, and please keep in mind not to injure.

Commentary of Kyu Asakura House

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Instructions of viewing

  • Please observe with caution not to trouble other people.
  • The building becomes visit that we take off shoes. For facility protection, admission with bare foot is not accepted. Please wear socks by all means. In addition, we prohibit use such as slippers.
  • We can use restroom in building only partly.
  • On account of facility preservation, there is room which we cannot observe.
  • When we do shooting by commercial transaction, there is limit, and procedure is necessary separately. (Instructions (PDF 63KB) in case of sketch
  • As a general rule, the facility cannot eat and drink.
  • We cannot use fire in facility.
  • In our facility, it is not done barrier-free for important cultural property becoming. Please note that person of assistance is necessary for viewing with wheelchair.
  • There is not parking lot in our facility. Please refrain from visit by car.
  • With in building and garden being with animal; cannot observe.
  • Our facility is important cultural property. We keep in mind window and door, showpiece in building are damaged or not to be damaged and hope that we do not touch.