Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris>

  • Update day:
    December 25, 2018

[inquiry] Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> (Phone: 03-3464-3395, FAX: 03-3464-3398)

Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> is facility becoming base of learning, activity, interchange to promote gender equality and variety society and reporting.

Symbol of Shibuya City LGBT diversity, rainbow iris were born

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For more details, please refer to page looking at PDF file.

LGBT community space "rainbow on # Shibuya"

A variety of sexual impulses participate in peace casually and are time when we can interchange. Around one time a month is held on different theme every time. For more details, please see "rainbow on # Shibuya".

Facility use guidance

Please see Shibuya gender equality, diversity center <iris> (page of Cultural Center Owada).

It is targeted for the use

Individual of residence, working, attendance at school in active ward about social promotion in deference to gender equality and variety or group

Object of group registration

Group which corresponds to all next

  • It is group for the purpose of social promotion in deference to gender equality and variety and performs business of that purpose or there is plan.
  • It is residence, working in ward, group mainly composed of people of attendance at school, and representative of group corresponds to residence, working, one of the attendance at school.
  • It is not aimed for profit activity.

Main business outline

Gender equality, variety society promotion business

We hold iris courses. For more details, please see gender equality, diversity center <iris> (page of Cultural Center Owada).
In addition, we tell even about Shibuya ward news.

Counselor's office

Counselor's office
Consultation name Contents Establishment day, time Application method, Telephone number
Legal advice (lawyer) Divorce, human rights, the inheritance, land, property 4 second Tuesday from 13:00 to 16:00 (one 45 minutes) On the day, after advance reservations, please talk over interview or telephone. (note) reservation accepts for month every month from 1st (in the case of closed days opening day, the following day). (Phone: 03-3464-3395)
We talk about every trouble with anything (psychology counselor) Sexual harassment, DV, human relations, family affair, reemployment 4 second Friday from 13:00 to 16:00 (one 50 minutes)
Sexual minority notamenonijiiro telephone consultation (specialized counselor) Problems that trouble that sexual minority has, relations with partner, relations with family and friend, the person concerned and neighboring people hold 4 second Saturday from 13:00 to 16:00 (one 30 minutes) On the day please call directly. (Phone: 03-3464-3401)

Consultation is free and keeps absolutely quiet about secret.
On establishment day, we change time and may perform. Please refer for the details.

Rental of facility

For group activity, interchange, we can use meeting rooms. Group registration is necessary beforehand to use.
For more details, please see page of facility use information for group.

Information library

There are data reading, rental, information retrieval such as book about problems about man and woman and sexual minority, administrative document.
As for rental, the use of information retrieval, registration is necessary for Reception desk.

Public information "iris"

We issue public relations magazine regularly.

We open a course in iris course

We perform course for gender equality, variety society promotion regularly. As for during the opening of a course or opening of a course planned course, please see news of the page upper section now