Social education centers

  • Update day:
    August 20, 2020
  • Notice

    For new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention, constant number of each Social education centers limits number of people in about 50% degree (some 20% degree). For details, please refer to each Social education centers. I apologize to users for the inconvenience sequentially, but would appreciate your understanding, cooperation. We will announce as soon as the opening situation changes.

  • Notice

    With postponement of Tokyo 2020 meeting, "hospitality spot" that we were going to set up in Sendagaya Social education centers for period became business review.
    Therefore, room of period when we were going to set a limit to the use comes to be able to be reserved as usual.

Social education centers is facility for inhabitant of a ward to carry out a voluntary activity.

We offer information and information about lifelong learning and accept consultation of group activity.

Facility information

The use time (including preparations, the current situation recovery)

Opening time 9-21:00

The morning: 9-12:00
The afternoon: 13-17:00 (only in physical education room of Sendagaya Social education centers and the music room the afternoon: for 13-15:00 in the afternoon two copies: for from 15:30 to 17:30)
By night (except Sunday): 18-21:00

The fee for use

[the use of social education affiliate] Free of charge

Division  Requirements 
Inhabitant of a ward group 
Representative (16 years or older) 
Resident in Shibuya City 
  1. Member is ten or more, and all the members live in Shibuya City 
  2. A half or more are Shibuya City residents in five or more member
  3. Member is five or more; a half or more Shibuya City resident, person of working, person of attendance at school 
Group in ward 
Representative (16 years or older) 
Person of working, attendance at school in Shibuya City 
Member is five or more; a half or more Shibuya City resident, person of working, person of attendance at school 

[newly the use except division, social education affiliate] Pay (we use from April, 2020 and start)

Division  Requirements 
The ward special use (new division)  Individual who does not fulfill registration requirements as social education affiliate and group 
(note) distinguish division by ratio of person of residence, working, attendance at school in ward of member or participant 
Other special use (new division) 

Social education centers guidance

The use of Social education centers

The use registration is necessary beforehand to use Social education centers.
Please see the in detail following guidance including requirements.

The use registration application

Software such as Adobe Reader distributed for free by Adobe company is necessary to see PDF file.
For more details, please refer to page seeing PDF file.

Application place

Each Social education centers


Place that is available to anyone

  • Statement corner
  • Book, reference library

(note) please refer to Social education centers to use in detail.