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  • Ward office, City Residents Services CenterWard office, City Residents Services Center
  • Branch officeBranch office
  • Child-care facilityChild-care facility
  • Educational facilityEducational facility
  • Child care related facilityChild care related facility
  • The young people facilityThe young people facility
  • Medical care, medical examination facilityMedical care, medical examination facility
  • Elderly person support facilityElderly person support facility
  • Person with a disability support facilityPerson with a disability support facility
  • Culture, learning facilityCulture, learning facility
  • Sports facilitySports facility
  • Hall, public hallHall, public hall
  • Local interchange facilityLocal interchange facility
  • Cleaning, recycling facilityCleaning, recycling facility
  • Park, public toiletPark, public toilet
  • Public parking lot, bicycle parking lotPublic parking lot, bicycle parking lot
  • Working support, the welfare hallWorking support, the welfare hall
  • The accommodationsThe accommodations

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Shibuya nursery school

Address 〒150-0001 3-18-33, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku
Phone number 03-3401-0952

Hatagaya nursery school

Address 〒151-0071 5-35-12, Honmachi, Shibuya-ku
Phone number 03-3377-7595