Education Center

  • Update day:
    May 18, 2020

Summary of Education Center

[inquiry] Education Center Counselling and Support Section (Phone: 03-3423-8890)

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Education Center plans enhancement and promotion of Shibuya City education through business as follows.

Main business

  • Education consultation
  • The bullying 110th
  • Zelkova classroom (consultation instruction classroom)
  • Young people's support business
  • Heart support business of child

The location


Education consultation part, Counselling and Support Section

Address: 3-12-8, Jinguumae (the Care Community “Harajuku-no Oka”)
Telephone: 03-3423-8899 (education consultation part), 03-3423-8890 (Counselling and Support Section)
Traffic: About 12 minutes on foot from JR Harajuku Sta., Tokyo Metro Meiji-Jingumae Station
About 8 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Omotesando Station, Gaiemmae Station

We talk about education in government building for the second beautiful bamboo (new consultation)

Address: Shibuya 1-18-21 (for the second beautiful bamboo government building)
Telephone: 03-3463-3748 (Families Children Support Center, education consultation)
Traffic: A 10-minute walk from JR, Tokyu Line, Keio Line, Tokyo Metro Shibuya Sta.


Education consultation

[inquiry] Education Center education consultation part (Phone: 03-3423-8899)

~ that ~ education consultation supports you and your child

There is education counselor every problem and troubles such as discipline, bullying and, for healthy growth of child, gives advice. Applicant, please propose by telephone and email beforehand. Please let know summary of consultation on this occasion.


Residence in ward, children from infant of attendance at school to high school student degree and the protector

Consultation day

  1. New consultation from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 (Families Children Support Center, education consultation)
  2. Continuation consultation from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 to 17:00

   1, 2 remove celebration holiday, New Year holidays together.

It supports consultation

Specialized counselor of psychology, education, the welfare copes.

Consultation method

1. Interview (visit to an office) consultation

・Through interviews of protector and counselor, child and counselor, we perform consultation for solution to the problem. In addition, by contents, we perform introduction of other Specialized Agencies.
*Apply by telephone, email beforehand. From charge counselor, I will inform the consultation date and time.
■Direct telephone call for exclusive use of consultation: (1) New consultation 03-3463-3748 (Families Children Support Center, education consultation)
           (2) Continuation consultation 03-3423-8899
■E-Mail address 

2. Telephone consultation

・We talk with counselor by telephone directly.

3. E-mail consultation

・We perform simple consultation by E-mail.
For more details, please see page of education consultation by email.

4. Request school visit education consultation

・By consultation application from municipal elementary and junior high school, counselor visits school, and, about correspondence, support activity to child with problem, cooperation to class teachers helps.

The bullying 110th

[inquiry] Education Center education consultation part (Phone: 03-3423-8899)

There is "the bullying telephone consultation counter Shibuya City bullying 110th" in Education Center. Psychology, education, each specialty counselor of the welfare deal with consultation about bullying. Depending on case, we plan various engines and cooperation and investigate directionality of better solution to the problem. Telephone consultation is 17:00 from 10:00 for Monday through Saturday (except celebration holiday, New Year holidays).

Zelkova classroom (consultation instruction classroom)

[inquiry] Education Center education consultation part (Phone: 03-3423-8899)

~ zelkova classroom is classroom supporting school return of child, student who cannot go to school. ~
Zelkova classroom entrance photograph
・We support individual treatment to the each person's learning situation.
・Through communal living and on-site training by a small number of people, we bring up power of personal relationships and develop social nature.
・We utilize gymnasium and athletic ground and perform support of health, physical strength side.
*Desired person, please inform of visit to education consultation part.

Example of on-site training
Zelkova classroom photograph 2
Vegetable garden activity
     Zelkova classroom photograph 3
     Zelkova classroom photograph 4
Cooking training

Young people's support business

We support with imminent consultation to various places where compulsory education was finished. We think about course, working together each person's coming life.
Object supports toward and the protector having troubles such as school refusal any place other than Education Center consulted individually, graduate, that of zelkova classroom from 15 years old of residence, attendance at school in ward to principle 18 years old now.
Business outline makes consultation, learning, attendance at school, working, friends.

Heart support business of child

We post coordinator promoting "heart support business of child" in Education Center and discover trouble and problem of mind of children early and aim at what support solves in network with Specialized Agencies. We perform holding of child home school support Committee or dispatch of the follow staff.   

The seeing and hearing library (we loan in central library from * 2020.)

[inquiry] Central library (Phone: 03-3403-2591)

We lend DVD, 16 millimeters of film videotapes (the school teaching materials, the welfare, culture, sports, ward public information, animation), video projector free.

Available group

  • School, kindergarten, nursery school in ward
    (please refer for the details on the telephone.)

Rental period and amount

  • Rental period: Less than seven days
    16 millimeters of films, videotape, within DVD ... 5 title
    Video projector ..., one
    Screen ... one
    Blackout curtain ... less than five pieces

Textbook center

[inquiry] Central library (Phone: 03-3403-2591)

Textbook center photograph
・Display corner of textbook
  We install textbook of elementary school, junior high school, high school in corner of central the fourth floor of the library floor to be able to have interest and friendly feeling to textbook to inhabitants of a ward.
・Holding of textbook exhibition based on laws and ordinances
  We display sample of textbook to use after the next fiscal year and make use for appropriate adoption.