Providing work facility

Hatagaya providing work ground

Address: 3-53-3, Hatagaya (zip code: 151-0072)
Telephone: 03-3378-3637
Traffic: Keio New Line "Hatagaya" ten minutes
Traffic: Bus [astringent juice 63] [astringent juice 66] system "Hatagaya" ten minutes
Traffic: Bus [accommodation 41] [accommodation 45] system "six street" five minutes
Shibuya City community bus Spring Creek route
"Six main street", it is "Nakahata elementary school" two minutes

Hatagaya providing work ground map

We take care of work while doing work instruction to people having difficulty in working in others public with people 60 years or older.

Work is seal * rinadono simple work or sewing machine work. There are work to do in providing work ground and work to do at home.