Person with a disability working support center "heart valley Shibuya"

Telephone: 03-3462-2513
FAX: 03-3462-2820

We enlarge opportunity of working of impaired person and are support facility to continue working in peace.

  • The use date and time
    • From Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 18:00
      (except celebration holiday, New Year holidays)
  • It is targeted for the use
    • Impaired person of residence in ward and the person concerned
  • Usage
    • We make a reservation for telephone or fax

Main business

Working support project

  • Working consultation from the person, family, business owner
  • Working support in connection with pressure and HelloWork to company
  • Support by business support, the workplace visit after working

Life support project

  • Consultation, advice such as every making of life rhythm or trouble to let work continue