Forest peer kids of Persons with Disabilities Welfare Center Yoyogi


Address: 2-35-1, Yoyogi (zip code: 151-0053)
Telephone: 03-5371-1550
Open day: From Tuesday to Saturday (except New Year holidays, holiday)

Child development support (Porte piccolo)
Day services (Copan) such as after school

(note) forest peer kids of Persons with Disabilities Welfare Center Yoyogi are in "forest compound facility which repaired old Yoyogi elementary school of Yoyogi".

Traffic: Odakyu Odawara Line "Minami-Shinjuku Station" two minutes
Traffic: Hachi-ko bus (forest route of major shrine) "1, Yoyogi bus stop" seven minutes
Traffic: JR "Yoyogi Sta." eight minutes, JR "Shinjuku Sta." eight minutes

Photograph of forest peer kids of Yoyogi

Conduct business

List of conduct business

List of conduct business
Business name It is targeted for the use Contents Capacity
Child development support (note) Porte Non-school children whom need to perform continuous nursing is detected in We perform nursing in instruction of basic movement of everyday life, group including adaptation training to communal living or individual treatment. 20 people
Piccolo Non-school children who need language hearing training Pronunciation does not become clear, stutter, and perform individual training, instruction about mistake of the development of words.
Day services such as after school
Copan (note)
Child who is almost younger than third grader that we enter school, and it is admitted that after class or school holiday needs nursing Aiming at improvement of ability for adaptation and life to communal living at school, we set program individually and instruct. We perform group instruction as needed for long vacation (summer vacation). Ten people
Child with a disability consultation support Person who uses application of authority of child place services under 18 or the welfare service or service by residence in ward Depending on the situation of the personal development, we make support plan to use the appropriate welfare service.

(note) the common use qualification requirements

  • It is people receiving supply decision in resident registration (including foreigner) or obstacle welfare service based on law to support everyday life of person with a disability and social life generally from ward and the Child Welfare Law in ward

Self-evaluation list <day services such as child development support, after school>

Based on "child development support guidelines" that Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare set "day service guidelines as for after school" as carried out evaluation, announce.
Thank you very much for cooperating with questionnaire to protectors.
We refer to these and will try for improvement of quality of service in future.

Self-evaluation list, please identify the following.