Hatagaya wish work place (local action support center)

Business outline

  1. We provide opportunity of production activity.
    • Work: Put printed matter gathering, enclosure, label, park cleaning
  2. We perform close living guidance to be able to live smooth social life.
    • Event: Visit to society, T-ball, day return bus trip, bowling meets


Person with a physical disability, intellectual person with a disability (each 18 years or older)

The use time

From 9:00 to 16:30


On Sundays and holidays, it is year-end and New Year on Saturday


We apply to the wish work place or person with a disability welfare section plan promotion person in charge (Phone: 03-3463-1922)

(note) match homepage (external link) of Hatagaya wish work place, and please see.

Address: 3-53-3, Hatagaya (zip code: 151-0072)
Telephone: 03-3377-3251
Traffic: Bus [astringent juice 63] [astringent juice 66] system "Hatagaya" ten minutes
Traffic: Bus [accommodation 41] [accommodation 45] system "six street" five minutes

Map of Hatagaya wish work place

While person having difficulty in general working makes use of ability to be able to have by obstacle, and society participates, we establish place of working of the welfare local, to be able to live a life.