Mental patient local action support center contact

Address: 3-43-1, Sasazuka (zip code: 151-0073)

Telephone: 03-5302-1190
Traffic: Keio Line Sasazuka Station ten minutes
Traffic: It is [average 81] system "Sasazuka junior high school" four minutes Keio bus [astringent juice 63] [accommodation 41] [accommodation 45]
Hachi-ko bus (Spring Creek route) "Sasazuka junior high school" 4-minute walk

It is facility supporting comeback to normal life, independence of mind person with a disability, social participation. (we need registration beforehand)

The establishment date and time

From Monday to Thursday, Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00 (except Friday and Saturday Sundays and holidays, holiday, New Year holidays)

Main duties


By interview (by appointment only) and telephone, we give house and medical care, thing that we do not understand in life including public service, that we are in trouble advice.

Local interchange

Through participation in holding of course or event in ward, we plan interchange with local person.

Support of everyday life

We perform learning society and various programs (PC, dishes, health promotion).

It is targeted for the use

Resident mind person with a disability in ward and the family
(when we participate in program, we need registration beforehand)


Free (but the actual expenses burden depending on program may be necessary)