Mental patient area life support center sawayakarumu

Map of mental patient area life support center

Address: 1-20-8, Yoyogi (zip code: 151-0053)
Telephone: 03-3299-0100
Traffic: JR Yoyogi Sta. five minutes
Traffic: Bus [pond 86] system "Kita-Sando" three minutes

It is facility supporting comeback to normal life, independence of mind person with a disability, social participation. (we need registration beforehand)

The establishment date and time

Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00 (except Sunday Sunday and Monday Sunday/Holiday holiday, New Year holidays)

Main duties


By interview (by appointment only) and telephone, we give house and medical care, thing that we do not understand in life including public service, that we are in trouble advice.

Local interchange

There is open space for the making of friend and interchange.
Through participation in events in ward, we plan interchange with local person.

(note) the use time of open space is from 13:00 to 18:00

Support of everyday life

We perform relaxation exercises, PC, dishes, life program, programs such as other recreation.

It is targeted for the use

Resident mind person with a disability in ward and the family
(we need registration beforehand)


Free (but the actual expenses burden depending on program may be necessary)