Shinbashi work place

[Address] 1-27-10, Ebisu Shinbashi inhabitant of a ward the fourth floor of the facility (zip code: 150-0013)
[telephone] 03-3444-5541
[fax] 03-3444-5542
[traffic] A 10-minute walk from JR, Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Ebisu Sta.
[traffic] Metropolitan bus [the capital 06] system "Ebisu bridge" two minutes
[traffic] Hachi-ko bus Ebisu, Daikanyama circulation "Yuyake Koyake route" "16 Shinbashi inhabitant of a ward facility" is immediate

Map of Shinbashi work place

We promote independence by performing offers of working opportunity to person with a disability, elderly person and plan stability of life.

Business outline

"Trust processing of article" that is obstacle welfare service "working continuation support type B" business based on person with a disability synthesis support law and ward original service carries out business.

"Working continuation support type B" service

We provide work place to impaired person having difficulty in working to general company and support necessary training for improvement of offer at opportunity of production activity, knowledge that is necessary for working and ability.

It is served "trust processing of article"

We offer work of processing (we put label enclosure) of article given in trust from company.

The use qualification

"Working continuation support type B" service

Person with a physical disability, intellectual person with a disability (each 18 years or older)

It is served "trust processing of article"

Elderly person, low-income person

(note) please refer in detail.

The use time

From 9:00 to 17:00


Saturday and Sunday Sundays and holidays, New Year holidays


We apply to person in charge of Shinbashi work place or person with a disability welfare section welfare program promotion (Phone: 03-3463-1922)